PolyDoge x Dogira: Growing the Ecosystem

Nova DAO / Studio Nova
2 min readDec 5, 2021


We’re proud to announce that PolyDoge is joining the Dogira gaming ecosystem!

We will be integrating PolyDoge’s tokens, and NFTs into the “DoFi” platform while advising them on integrating blockchain tech into their games. We believe it is important to collaborate with a variety of different projects, led by strong teams with great vision.

By having a variety of game genres in our ecosystem, we can ensure that almost any kind of player can enjoy P2E blockchain gaming. PolyDoge will be bringing their P2E FPS title to the ecosystem, along with another ambitious metaverse project we’ll discuss in a moment.

First, let’s talk about what we will be doing in this collaboration. The Dogira team will support PolyDoge by:

  • Implementing P2E and blockchain elements into their games
  • Analyzing and improving game logic
  • Advising on future NFT sales and utility-NFT development

We will also be launching staking pools so you can earn PolyDoge rewards! Announcements will be posted in Telegram and Discord with more details when these new pools are ready to go live.

In the future you will also be able to stake Dogira to earn PolyDoge in-game NFTs in their upcoming VR title: PolyDoge Pets! This will be implemented via our upcoming NFT farming system.

Backed by Netvrk and powered by Unreal Engine 5, this title will blend interoperable NFTs, PVP combat, Tamagotchi-style pet maintenance, and VR into their flagship blockchain gaming experience.

While this is an ambitious undertaking, we will be providing guidance and support to the PolyDoge team!

Please give a warm welcome to our friends from PolyDoge!

-The Dogira Team

PolyDoge Links:

Website | Telegram | Discord | Medium