New Beginnings

Nova DAO / Studio Nova
5 min readJul 20, 2023

On the 8th of February ’21, Dogira was launched as a community token by an anonymous team. While it remained a decentralised community token, a centralised studio entity began developing under it’s banner — Dogira Studios.

Since then, we’ve developed our first fully on-chain game, our bespoke staking platform, and a plethora of other background tooling — such as our NFT Kit, our Cross-chain Arbitrage tooling, our in-house Web2<->Web3 API, and even played the role of Mobile Publisher for Jupiter Lighthouse’s Humaniquarium.

And throughout that time, we were never afraid to experiment — we took risks, we allied with and worked alongside some incredible projects in the space, and we ensured that every small and tough decision alike was made with the interests of our community at heart, every step along the way.

And while every decision was made with the best intentions in mind, an important step in our journey is in recognising where things went wrong.

Lessons From the Past

Our team always made our best efforts to support all of our partners and friends, big and small — and while many repaid that kindness a thousand times over, there is no denying that our team, at times, stretched our resources too thin in assisting unaffiliated parties; with “if it helps this community, it helps all communities, including ours” in mind.

While these decisions were always made with the absolute best intentions in mind, the realities surrounding the amount of hours that are within a single day are a fair, if direct concern of our community members.

Second to this, the continued blurring of the lines between where our community token ended and where our studios began took it’s own toll on our operations; and led to decisions which benefited neither. Our studios would develop without protocol fees in mind in order to maximise value towards a token, which itself was community-owned — or, as mentioned above, our studios would donate free dev/consult time towards “friends of the token”.

While these are far from the only issues that we’ve taken lessons to be learned from throughout our time under the Dogira banner, they’re two of the most important; Protocols need fees to survive, and tokens need unique and well-developed protocols to grow.

The Path Forward

Under a lengthy DAO vote process, the decision was made to split Dogira into a full DAO entity, alongside our full Studios entity.

Our Studios will continue to develop for Dogira’s new DAO entity, while our DAO will approve of releases under it’s own banner; alongside ensuring a cut of the protocol fees which are earned, allowing the DAO to healthily grow using real yield.

In short, it’s a more perfect symbiosis of what Dogira should always have been — a decentralised token, with true community ownership; supported by a Studio that similarly must stand on it’s own two feet while delivering content that’s worth the protocol fees we want to generate.

Launch & Conversion Process

For those who do not wish to swap to our new token, the Dogira token will never come to an end; as a decentralised token, users may continue to provide liquidity or develop services for Dogira to their heart’s content. Following the end of our Bridge/Snapshot process, the Dogira contract will be renounced in ownership.

Launch Day: Our new DAO Token will launch on August 7th (audit completion pending). Our naming/branding will be fully released at launch.

Network: Our primary deployment network will be Ethereum. We will continue working with high-speed/low-gas L2 networks for any potential native bridging solution in the future.

We will continue developing services for high-speed/low-gas networks, with snapshots/airdrops/claims being used for distribution of any protocol fee rewards (or direct distribution via DAO). As of yet, no direct staking options are planned.

In short — our main token may be on ETH, but our development options are not constrained by one chain — while snapshots can ensure that any rewards or token utility can be offered to holders, no matter which chain we release any products on.

Token Conversion: Dogira Tokens may be converted to their DAO Equivalent on either Dogechain, or Polygon. A conversion page will allow users to connect with their wallet, and send any Dogira tokens directly to the contract.

All tokens sent to the contract will be snapshot, and made available for claiming on Ethereum within 7 days. Note that we envision most requests will be completed much faster — but as this bridging process maintains a level of centralisation, manual security checks will be performed in order to ensure the integrity of all token conversion requests.

Once a snapshot is confirmed and converted for a 1:1 token claim on Ethereum, the old Dogira tokens will be burned. This ensures that any users wishing to remain on/provide liquidity for the Dogira token will not face any potential sell pressure from users opting not to convert.

Token conversion pages will be made available via our homepage.

Token Conversion Cut-off: Three months will be allocated for users to convert their tokens. At which point, token conversions will cease, and any unclaimed tokens will be burned.

Back to Business

Our new DAO will be launching with some incredible advantages — alongside owning 1% of the imgnAI token supply (currently valued at approx. $190,000), it also assumes ownership of over $100k in Dogira & Goo LP.

Coupled with this, the DAO Token’s 2% Tax & 1% Auto-LP offers an excellent incentive for sustainable growth among our community.

Our Studios entity has never stopped developing — with our current funding now setting us up securely for expanding on our GameFi and DeFi offerings, all under our new banner — and entirely unconstrained from choice-of-chain limitations.

Of course, not to mention — through thick and thin, we’ve found partners and collaborators whom we can’t wait to keep working with.

..And lastly, more a personal note, but it’ll be nice to not have to explain the dog on the coin anymore. Seriously, I’ve been explaining dogs on coins for almost a decade now. I had to explain it to an accountant in 2014, and then explain it again to the exact same accountant in 2021.

There comes a point in your professional life where you wonder if too much of it has revolved around dogs on coins. And I think that point is in needing to explain it several years apart to the same accountant, with the same exasperated look on his face. And he’s still not pronouncing the name(s) right.

(Much love to all our friends continuing to build in the dog space though — and rest assured, we’ll still be building on, and contributing to DogeChain & their Doge-friendly pals under our new branding!)

Here’s to a brand new future — keep a close eye on our Twitter, and our Discord for announcements on converting to, or picking up our new DAO Token!