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7 min readApr 19, 2023

We‘re thrilled to introduce our Viceroy program — an incentivized Community role that empowers our supporters to actively contribute to the growth and success of Dogira Studios.

As a Dogira Viceroy, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact by promoting our innovative products, including Gooeys, while earning rewards in your choice of $USDC, $MATIC, $WDOGE, $DC, or $DOGIRA. Join us in our mission to educate, engage, and revitalize the Dogira community!

Our Dogira Viceroy model is heavily based off the Ambassador Programs as rolled out by QuickSwap, and DogeChain — so for those of you who have experience with participating in their respective programs, you should feel right at home with the Dogira Viceroys!

Key responsibilities of a Dogira Viceroy include:

  • Showcasing Dogira Studios and our product lineup through engaging content on social media platforms
  • Educating the public about Dogira Studios, Gooeys, and the utility of our tokens via informative content and tutorials
  • Actively participating and driving engagement in our Telegram and Discord channels
  • Expanding our network of influencers, partners, and community members
  • Translating and sharing Dogira-related content for global reach
  • Mentoring and supporting fellow Dogira Viceroys in their efforts

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of our growing community and help shape the future of Dogira Studios!

Join the Dogira Viceroys, and Help Shape Our Future

As we continue to build our GameFi ecosystem, we recognize the importance of a strong community presence, and fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere centered around our giant-lizard-dog-kaiju-themed community.

Outside of delivering on our own in-house creations, it’s the talented community content creators who possess the unique ability to unite and grow our audience — and our Dogira Viceroy program is being built to ensure that these creators are rewarded for their efforts.

As one of the first tokens on DogeChain, we are committed to supporting the growth of DogeChain itself, and showcasing the utility that we can bring to a young chain — while maintaining firm roots within the Polygon Ecosystem.

While our team focuses on developing innovative content, games, and products, we rely on our Dogira Viceroys to be on the frontlines, expanding our community and creating engaging content. So — this is where you come in!

Who can become a Dogira Viceroy?

Everyone is invited to apply for the Dogira Viceroy program! A decentralized project thrives on the strength of its community. We’re searching for diverse individuals with unique skill sets and areas of expertise, eager to contribute to our dynamic and growing ecosystem.

Dogira Viceroys’ Responsibilities

The primary goal of our Viceroy program is to bring together GameFi and DeFi enthusiasts to help expand awareness and adoption of Dogira Studios and its innovative products through networking, creative marketing, and collaboration. The Dogira Viceroys will be responsible for:

  • Engaging with the digital community through social platforms
  • Educating the public about Dogira Studios via content and social media
  • Growing our network of influencers and collaborators
  • Increasing social media and mainstream media presence
  • Providing feedback on Dogira Studios products and features
  • Creating and sharing visual content (such as memes, GIFs, infographics, etc.) for various social platforms
  • Establishing and growing regional Dogira communities
  • Assisting other Viceroys in sharing skills and knowledge

Clear and transparent guidelines will be provided to each Dogira Viceroy to ensure that they act in the best interest of the community. Everyone will be provided with the appropriate resources needed to execute these initiatives successfully.


  • Join regular calls to stay updated with the vision and current events

Social Media

  • Act as representatives of Dogira Studios within the digital community
  • Focus on expanding our supporter base through informative and captivating written and video content about Dogira Studios, and our products
  • Must have familiarity and expertise with major social media platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, YouTube, etc.

Content Creation Initiatives

  • Craft engaging articles for platforms like Medium, Publish0x, and other relevant websites
  • Design eye-catching visual content, including memes, GIFs, and infographics for a variety of social platforms
  • Produce long or short-form video content tailored to our audience
  • Conduct interviews with key community members or industry experts
  • Share regular updates on product development and milestones
  • Create demo videos showcasing our products and features
  • And more, based on your unique skills and talents

Partner Collaborations

  • Set up and manage local Dogira communities on Telegram and other social platforms
  • Spread the word about Dogira Studios’ current and upcoming products
  • Forge relationships with local influencers, media outlets, and other key players

Product Feedback and Improvement

  • Evaluate and offer insights on Dogira Studios’ products and features
  • Propose innovative ideas to improve user experience and product value

The list provided does not cover all possible areas of contribution. If you have additional skills or can offer value to Dogira Studios in unique ways, we encourage you to share your ideas with us.

Let’s talk rewards!

Given the various roles and tasks within the Dogira Viceroys, members will be compensated in their choice of $USDC, $MATIC, $WDOGE, $DC, or $DOGIRA tokens based on the USD value of those tokens. This reward structure is a guideline and may be subject to change.

  • Rewards will be distributed monthly, based on month-to-month contributions
  • Quality and engagement of the work will be the primary factors in determining rewards
  • Additional rewards will be given to the top 5 Dogira Viceroys
  • Dogira Viceroys will be required to submit their work through Google forms, which will be provided by the Dogira Team
  • Rewards will be distributed within 14 days of work being submitted for review.

Reward Criteria

Each task will be rewarded with a specific amount in USD value of the chosen token. The rewards will be based on the quality of work and the engagement the completed task receives. The team will evaluate the quality and engagement of each submitted task.

Rewards Per Task

Each task will have a link to an exemplary version of that task. Completed tasks that do not meet the exemplary standard will be graded as “Low” or “Intermediate”. The rewards shown for each task are the base amount per task and can be higher based on the quality and engagement of the task. Each task should be related to Dogira Studios and create unique content.

Make sure to use appropriate tags and mentions in tweets and social media posts. Posts should be shared across multiple platforms connected to Dogira Studios and our products/platforms — such as Gooeys, or our relevant utility tokens such ala $GOO, $DOGIRA etc — and must be original, not copies or retweets.

  • Tweet/social post (max 3 per day): USD equivalent of $1.50
  • Meme/Infographic (max 3 per week): USD equivalent of $5
  • GIF/very short video (max 2 per week): USD equivalent of $5
  • 500-word blog (max 2 per month): USD equivalent of $20
  • Initiating a collaboration with an influencer (YouTuber or Twitter influencer): Unlimited
  • Facilitating a long-term collaboration with an influencer by introducing them to the Dogira Studios team directly: USD equivalent of $250
  • Reaching out to an influencer and getting them to post about Dogira Studios on their platform: USD equivalent of $100
  • Creating a successful project partnership: USD equivalent of $250
  • Miscellaneous tasks will be graded on a task-by-task basis

Please note that low-quality submissions will not result in any rewards. All tasks are judged by both quality, and engagement. Dogira Viceroys are encouraged to utilize and grow their networks together — allowing for greater reach, and greater abilities to grow our communities in tandem.

Top Viceroys

The top 5 Dogira Viceroys will receive extra rewards each month. The ranking of each Viceroy will be determined by the team, considering factors such as work ethic, content quality, community presence, and efforts to support others within the program.

  • 1st Rank: $100 in chosen token
  • 2nd Rank: $75 in chosen token
  • 3rd Rank: $50 in chosen token
  • 4th Rank: $25 in chosen token
  • 5th Rank: $15 in chosen token

Other Advantages of Becoming a Dogira Viceroy

As a Dogira Viceroy, you will work closely with the Dogira Studios team, receiving support and resources to help you succeed.

  • Direct communication channels with our in-house staff
  • Insider involvement with Dogira Studios’ development
  • Active discussions regarding your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for global expansion initiatives
  • Personal growth through learning new skills
  • Chance to expand your personal network
  • Social media growth as content will be shared within the Dogira Studios ecosystem
  • Exclusive Dogira Studios merch(!)

So, are you ready to join the Dogira Viceroys ambassador program? Start by filling out the application form today!

Apply now: Become a Dogira Viceroy!

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